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Saviez-vous que notre héros fut un jour de 1971 couché sur un 33 tours par le groupe GONG ? Voici d'ailleurs pour les puristes (en anglais) la note d'explication du contenu de ce disque :
Camembert Electrique
December 1971
Byg Actuel

The wacky world of Gong began in 1967 after Daevid Allen was left stranded and ex-Soft Machine in France, courtesy British Immigration. By now, he had already recorded two albums for French Byg label: the proto-Gong Magic Brother and Mystic Sister and his first solo album, Banana Moon (recorded in London). Gong had now solidified from a loose amalgamation of Paris fringe musicians to a relatively stable live touring unit, who submitted their debut performance at the Glastonbury Festival in June. Even Kevin Ayers served a six-month tour of duty, leaving a Peel Session as his legacy. Allen was accompanied by partner Gilli Smyth and saxophonist Didier Malherbe, with Pip Pyle on drums and Christian Tritsch on bass. The lineup recorded three albums in 1971: Dashiell Hedayat’s Obsolete for the Shandar label was very loose, but the soundtrack for the Jerome Laperrousaz film Continental Circus was a real gem, as the motor-like beat of "Blues for Findlay" detailed. The third, Camembert Electrique, was of course was the real introduction to Gong. Gong's music was a truly unique combination; part vocal lunacy, part musical anarchy and perhaps the first rock cabaret! Gong always supported a strong rhythm section over which vocal rant and/or soloing would alternate and accentuate. The album contained some classic Gong repertoire: the simple riff of "You Can't Kill Me" was Allen's testimony to the events in Paris during the 1968 student uprisings. Gilli's space whisper and unique feminism were introduced on "Dynamite/I Am your Animal". "Fohat Digs Holes In Space" though was key: it first showcased the quintessential Gong groove, complete with Barrett-inspired glissando guitar. But behind the bizarre aliases and musical anarchy, as Allen explained, Gong were "about things much too serious to be serious about". It may not say much about a person if they do like Gong, but it certainly says more about them if they don't!

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